Surprise .. Charge the Phone from Plants

No longer obliged anymore to link yourself Bmokhadd power even charging your mobile phone Ooalcolmpiotr tablet and the like, it has become your best to do so through the pot plants.

Spanish company said it was able to innovate and pot plants at home capable of charging smart phones based on the electricity generated by the process of photosynthesis carried out by plants only.

It plans Arkune Technologies Inc., which is based in the city of Barcelona-based, selling new innovation that launched him Bioo Lite name compared to only US $ 112.

The company explained that Bioo Lite is completely dependent on the process of photosynthesis carried out by plants to shift the center of the sun’s rays into electricity and other interactions can be used for charging smartphones.

It includes pot plants Bioo Lite is smaller than the bacteria that react with water basins. Once the plant begins to convert sunlight into energy, emerging components starts in the soil Baltqtr through a semipermeable membrane covering the pots bacteria.

And then feed on the bacteria components that operate in turn create collects electrons through a network of nano wires, to store these electrons later in battery located below the pelvis communicate with a USB cable can be used for charging phones.

The creators say Bioo Lite This process is very effective, as it will allow the user to recharge the smart phone three times a day, and can be shipped during the night.

The electric power generated by the new innovation is equal to 3.5 volts, which is equal to approximately the same energy supplied by USB ports on PCs that.

And launched Arkune Technologies Inc. crackdown on collective funding site IndieGoGo to raise $ 15,000, and so far has been collecting about $ 19,000 although there is still a month to the end of the campaign.

The company says it plans to start charging Bioo Lite by the end of this year.

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