How to Fix Storage Space Running Out Error on Android


You may wonder seeing message “Storage space running out- some system functions may not work” or “Error downloading App- Insufficient Storage” while having sufficient storage space free on your device. This is the very common problem which you encounter very often when you try to download something on your device. As a temporary fix, you eliminate some files from your device to make some storage space but the problem arises periodically again and again.
This problem restricts you from downloading something important of your need or it even restricts you from taking pictures or videos. In other problems, it hampers device performance by restricting downloaded apps to get open or performing other tasks. It sounds more unfair as you have a lot of storage space free on your external SD card.
Here it is important to understand that installing new apps has nothing to do with your storage space as the error message arises due to a problem with RAM as it runs out of the space. Thus by freeing up space on phone memory you may increase your RAM space to some extent. You can try freeing up storage space by removing unnecessary apps or programs or by removing unnecessary files from the device. Try to clean cache memory as well to recover some storage space so that your device’s RAM works efficiently. Here come two situations to fix the storage space issue on your phone.
First, when your device doesn’t have SD card installed.
Second, when your device is supported by SD card.
A device without SD card: Device without supporting SD card will run out of memory sooner than the device which supports SD card for obvious reasons. To improve the device performance and to fix storage space issues it becomes important to free up phone memory at earliest. To do this you can follow below-mentioned steps.
Clear unnecessary files: Search whole the device to find and delete all type of unnecessary files including image files, music files, video files, documents and all other files. Pictures, music, and video files occupy a big chunk of disk space thus by organizing it in a better manner can help you recover a lot of storage space. It will help you improve your device performance as well.
Take a backup on the computer: This is the simplest way to free up some storage space on your device. Take a backup of all your pictures, videos, documents to your system to make some breathing space on your device. You can access this data anytime at your will.
Take a backup on external drives: Alternatively, you can take backup of your files from your device to some external drives like USB drive etc. as well. This way you can retain that drive to access your data anytime.
Take Cloud backup: This advanced feature helps you access, restore, and backup your data anywhere anytime. It allows synchronization between various devices and provides you safe and secure data backup option.
A Device with SD card: SD card offers extended storage space to your device and helps you store a lot of additional data. If you are facing storage space issues on your device supported with SD card, you can make simple tweaks to fix the issue.
Move media files: Move your media files (images, videos, downloads etc.) to SD card to recover space on phone memory. It will help your device perform better. To do this go to your device’s file manager and move media files to your external SD card.
Set camera pictures to store in SD card: Change your camera settings to store your photos in SD card instead of phone memory. It will send the pictures you click automatically to SD card storage.
Move Apps to SD card: This move will help you recover a lot of storage space on phone memory. To do so go to Settings of your device and head to Applications > Manage Applications. Click on apps one by one and click on the option “Move to SD Card”. Along with it clear apps cache by pressing “Clear Cache” option.
You can follow above mentioned steps to fix storage space issues on your device. This way you can solve problems like Android running slow or other performance issues. To fix storage space issues you can also use best android cleaner apps like Systweak Android Cleaner to instantly and safely recover storage space on your device. This app helps you improve your device performance significantly.

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