Unusual Ways to Catch the Attention of Essay Readers

If you ask a student about his/her essay writing experience, you may find out that many students consider these written assignments boring and not interesting at all. Actually, there is nothing strange about this statement, because essay writing is a responsible and challenging process, which takes much time and requires deep awareness of the subject as well as creative writing skills. Pupils and students all over the world believe that there can be nothing more boring and tiresome than writing an essay. If you don’t like these assignments as well and feel like struggling with each task, then this article will provide you with a couple of interesting (if not even entertaining) ideas.

Do you think that the word “entertaining” does not have anything in common with essays? If so, then you are somewhat mistaken. There are different ways to make the reader encouraged to keep reading your paper and you should be aware of these methods to make your essays not only informative, but attention grabbing and interesting as well. You should keep in mind that these methods, which are also called “attention-getters”, should preferably be found in the introductory part of your essay. This may be a sentence or several of them, but you are bound to make these sentences unique and original to draw the attention of your readers and encourage them to keep reading the paper. Listed below are five major “attention-getters” we recommend using in your essays.
1. Questions
A question is, probably, one of the better ways to start your essay. Is there anything more encouraging than that? Having read a question, your reader will have the desire to find the answer to it and will be excited to keep reading the essay. Keep in mind, though, that these should not be “yes”/ “no” questions only. Instead, these should be the questions, which imply a detailed answer, encouraging the readers to look for an answer.
2. Jokes and Anecdotes
The choice of the most suitable attention-getter should depend upon the type of an essay. If this is a serious research paper or an essay that contains much information, such as figures, charts, tables etc., then it is better to start it with a question, quote or a proven striking fact, for example. However, if you are supposed to write a comparative or a reading response essay, then why not start it with an anecdote or a joke? Everyone likes humorous situations and anecdotes, so, this is a surefire way to make your written paper stand out from the crowd. Jokes and anecdotes improve the mood of your readers and, thus, encourage them to keep reading the paper to see what else is waiting for them. Keep in mind that this method adds humorous and non-serious touch to your essay. This means that it should be relevant to the topic of your paper. This is very important, because not all essays may start with jokes and anecdotes.
3. Citations
If you are working on a serious paper, which involves deep awareness of the subject and should contain serious information, quotes (citations) will prove to be powerful attention-getters. Apart from making your introduction more interesting and captivating, they will also add credibility and informational value to the paper. What’s more, citations prove that you have worked hard when writing your essay and possess the required skills and knowledge as well as the ability to conduct a research and use information wherever it is needed.
4. Striking Facts
Starting your essay with a striking fact, which is related to the topic of your paper and may be surprising for the potential readers, is a nice solution to attract the attention. This may be any information you may consider necessary. Experts working for and other professional essay writing services, point out that most people feel encouraged to read those essays that start with striking statistics. This is especially true, when it comes to writing persuasive, informative essays or those that include technical facts. Just take your time to conduct an online research looking for the information that may be interesting to your readers. This process may be time-consuming, but the result will definitely be worth your effort and time.
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Hopefully, these simple methods will help make your essays engaging and thrilling. This does not mean that they should not provide readers with information they might need. By making use of these methods, you will be able to turn each written task into a powerful attention-getter. Isn’t that what you strive for each time you work on your essay?

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